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Přídavný LED světlomet T-28 EVO s vysokoproudým konektorem TE187.

Poznámka: světlomet nemá homologaci pro silniční provoz!

pětiletá záruka
hliníkové tělo
vodotěsnost dle normy IP67
napěťové rozpětí 9 – 32 V
20830 lumenů
dosvit 897 metrů
příkon 264 W
životnost diod 50.000 hodin
hmotnost: 3.2 kg
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Our biggest unit in the updated T-range, the new T28 Evolution measures 46” in length and the performance more than matches its imposing size. With an unequalled all-round distribution of light, both in respect of long-range visibility combined with an incredible left/right spread, the T28 sets a new standard in off-road lighting that needs to be seen to be believed. When not in use, the lamp is no less eye-catching, with contemporary styling ensuring the lamp’s design enhances the appearance of your vehicle.

Upgraded high-density 11W LEDs which are carefully selected for their high ‘bin’ rating, are the driving force behind the T28’s enviable performance – 1 lux is achieved at 735m. Advanced electronic design, combined with sophisticated thermal management systems, and ultra-reflective vacuum-metallised reflectors, harness the light output into a ‘Drive’ beam pattern optimised for lower speed applications where the priority is for good all-round visibility, albeit still with enviable distance illumination. The colour temperature of the LEDs at 5000 kelvin has also been specifically selected to maximise sharpness and definition, while proven to reduce eye-strain associated with some higher (blue-white) colour temperatures.

Performance aside, the T28 Evolution is built to last. With a 5 year warranty as standard, and a lifetime guarantee on the ‘unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens, which is coated with a hardcoat lacquer to protect against any scratches, the lamp is capable of withstanding the harshest environments. An IP69K rating certifies the lamp will not be subjected to moisture or dust ingress, with additional counter-measures to ensure the unit remains fully contained even in the most extreme of temperatures and humidity. The full aluminium housing gives the lamp its strength and rigidity, while an e-coat pre-treatment provides automotive quality corrosion resistance. Dynamic drive modulation optimises light output considering the thermal conditions of the lamp (preserving the longevity of the LEDs).

With a seamless, low profile design, the new T Evolution range is now not only easier to install, but is more resistant to dirt, snow and ice accumulations, and the contemporary styling is guaranteed to complement and enhance the appearance of modern vehicles.

28x high density 11W LEDs (premium ‘bin’)
Seamless, low profile design facilitates installation
Dynamic drive modulation optimises light output to preserve longevity of the LEDs
Ultra-reflective optics deliver ‘Drive’ beam pattern
CAE optimised heatsink
E-coat pre-treatment provides maximum corrosion resistance
5 Year Warranty
‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens with lifetime guarantee
IP69K rating
Comes as standard with 30cm cable, including pre-wired male & female connectors
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životnost diod:
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OstatníVýrobce: LAZER LAMPS
Hmotnost: 3590 g
Rozměry: 1164 × 68 × 64 mm


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x1 T28 Evolution LED Spotlight
x3 Centre Mount (1114k)
x1 Side Bracket Kit (1118k)
x1 Single-Lamp Wiring Kit with Switch (8216-12V-SW)
x1 Wiring and Installation Instructions