Světelná rampa pro 4 světlomety – Citroen C3

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Ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre with glass laminate bonnet pod
Compatible with Carbon-6 LED driving lights
3 versions available, optimised for: Ford Fiesta, Skoda R5, Citroen C3
Road-legal in accordance with FIA regulations (for some rally series)
Low profile design for improved aerodynamic performance
Bonnet fixtures not included
Supplied with neoprene impact cover
Designed & manufactured in Britain

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Taking rally car lighting solutions to the next level, the 4-way Rally Lamp Bonnet Pod from Lazer Lamps is an aerodynamic, lightweight Glass & Carbon-fibre composite pod, designed and engineered to house 4x Carbon-6 high performance LED driving lights (sold separately). Three versions of the rally lamp pod are available, optimised to match the bonnet shape of the Ford Fiesta, Skoda R5 or Citroen C3, while compatible with many more vehicles besides.

With the complete system, with lights, weighing just 3kg, the 4-way Bonnet Pod affords substantial weight saving gains over traditional lamp pods, while delivering lighting performance unrivalled considering the lamps’ size and low power consumption. Moreover, the products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the UK to the most exacting standards, and benefit from input received from the very highest levels of professional rally motorsport.

The bonnet pod, made from carbon-fibre with glass laminate layers (to ensure compliance with some FIA regulated series), facilitates quick and easy vertical adjustment of the lights +/-5deg, alongside <2deg outboard adjustment permitting more left/right spread of light.   Each rally pod is supplied with a neoprene impact cover to ensure the system remains protected when not in use. Wiring Kit is not included, and must be ordered separately. Assembly required.

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1x světelná rampa pro 4 světlomety pro Citroen C3
1x Neoprenový kryt