4 600,00   včetně DPH

Fully ECE approved Work Light (Reg10)
2 Year warranty
Made in Britain
CAE optimised ‘Matrix’ cooling system
Advanced optical design delivers superior lighting performance
Electronic thermal management
IP67/IP69K watertight
Automotive grade corrosion resistance (ISO 9927 / BS EN 60068)
5,000 kelvin light temperature for maximum definition
EMC protected – CISPR 25: 2008 (Class 3)
Over voltage protected
Reverse polarity protected
Male and female Deutsch connectors included
ADR approved version available
Optional Quad Core Dampening System protects against vibration (Wide Mount compatible only)

UTILITY-45 (2. GENERACE) – 45 (2. generace) se širokým uchycením
4 600,00   včetně DPH
UTILITY-45 (2. GENERACE) – 45 (2. generace) s úzkým uchycením
4 600,00   včetně DPH
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The Utility-45 is a heavy-duty work light upgraded in 2018 to deliver even more visibility, with greater intensity and improved spread of light, facilitating safer and more productive work environments. The 50 lux line, defined by HSE as the effective level of illumination when working outdoors at night, is achieved at 16m distance, with a spread of 10m (mounted at 3m with 20 degree down angle). Combined with design features for maximising functionality and reliability, this is a product that can be relied on to deliver exceptional performance, time after time, whatever the application.

Continual improvement in, and adoption of, the latest and most efficient LED technology means the Utility Series stands apart from other work light solutions. 4 high density LEDs deliver 4,560 raw lumens which is harnessed through ultra-reflective, vacuum-metallised optics designed and engineered in the UK using advanced CAD design and light simulation software. The result – more light distributed over a bigger area, and with the LEDs carefully selected for their colour temperature, proven to maximise definition while reducing fatigue and strain that can come from using higher colour ranges.

The consistently high level of light output is maintained through an innovative CAE optimised ‘Matrix’ cooling system; the increased surface area ensures heat generated during operation of the lamp is more efficiently dissipated away from the unit. This process allows the light output to be maximised for longer, simultaneously the Electronic Thermal Management system optimises light output considering the environmental and thermal conditions of the lamp.

Lighting performance aside, the Utility Series is a product built to last, and to withstand the harshest of environments. The polycarbonate lens with hardcoat, is now bonded in place to guarantee water-tightness, and in keeping with the comprehensive 2 year warranty, the lamps have been extensively tested to comply with EU regulations in relation to vibration, shock, and corrosion resistance, and alongside a super-tough construction, advanced electronic design ensures full EMC protection to CISPR-25 (Class 3) standards.

Supplied with male/female Deutsch connectors (part no. DT06-2S/DT04-2P), the Utility-45 is available with a choice of ‘Wide’ or ‘Slimline’ mounting bracket. Lamps with additional cable protection are available where the installation is being made onto trucks required to comply with ADR regulations.

Další informace

Technické údaje:rozsah napětí:
životnost diod:
Barevná teplota: 5 000 K
Parametry dálkového světla:délková svítivost (dálkové):
počet diod (dálkové):
příkon (dálkové):
proud při 14.4 V (dálkové):
Certifikace:Ochrana EMC: CISPR-25: 2008 (Class 3)
Pracovní světlo: ECE R10
Stupeň krytí: IP67 | IP69K
Zkoušky solnou mlhou: ISO 9227 (250H)
Fotometrické údaje:úroveň 1 lx:
úroveň 20 lx: 23 m
úroveň 5 lx: 41 m
úroveň 50 lx: * – 50 Lux represents HSE guidelines for effective illumination when working outdoors at night | 16 m*
Provozní podmínkyProvozní teplota: -40°C – +90°C
Vibrace (BS EN 60068): 10gn | 10Hz-2000Hz
Náraz: TBC
OstatníVýrobce: LAZER LAMPS
UTILITY-45 (2. GENERACE) - fotometrie (staženo 157× )


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