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29 760,00  včetně DPH

pětiletá záruka
hliníkové tělo
vodotěsnost dle normy IP67
TE-Superseal konektor
napěťové rozpětí 9 – 32 V
16000 lumenů
dosvit až 1910 metrů
příkon 184 W
životnost diod 50.000 hodin
hmotnost: 2.46 kg
vyrobeno ve Velké Británii

Combination LEDs deliver unrivalled levels of illumination
Central High intensity LED’s deliver outstanding long-distance visibility
An alignment of LEDs on outer reflectors for excellent left/right spread
Modified optics optimised for everyday road use
5,000 kelvin LEDs carefully selected to maximise colour definition
CAE optimised heatsink
Electronic thermal management
‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens with hardcoat
IP67 watertight
Comes as standard with 70cm cable, including pre-wired male & female connectors
5 year warranty
Designed & manufactured in Britain


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Přídavný dálkový světlomet Triple-R 16 Elite 3 se šestnácti vysokosvítivými LED diodami.

Incorporating much of the same component technologies as used in our 2018/9 WRC lighting solutions, the Triple-R 16 Elite, 3rd Generation, is a high-performance auxiliary LED driving light, that doesn’t fail to impress. Generating 18,040 raw lumens and 1 lux to nearly 1km, this is a product that delivers astonishing distance illumination, but with a spread of light in the mid to long-range which is guaranteed to make any night-time, or low-level light driving, an altogether safer and more pleasurable experience.

Measuring 765mm in length, the Triple-R 16 Elite-3 is on the one hand big enough to deliver astonishing levels of light output, and on the other still small enough to be effortlessly integrated on a large number of: pick-ups, 4x4s, light commercial vehicles, and heavy trucks. In this respect the versatility of the lamp is that it delivers lighting performance more akin to much larger products, which aren’t so easy to mount on such a wide range of vehicles.

With light distribution optimised utilising the latest and most sophisticated CAD design and light simulation software, coupled with extensive testing and feedback across the road and professional motorsport sectors, there really is no compromises made in regards lighting performance or reliability. An improved distribution of light left/right is made possible in part by the combination of highly efficient LEDs, which on the one hand deliver outstanding distance illumination, and on the other, provide for the impressive levels of illumination at the side of the road in the mid to long-range. No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of perfection; from the distribution of light, to the carefully selected 5000 kelvin colour temperature proven to improve sharpness and definition of the road ahead, to the advanced electronics and material design which drives the high-end styling of the lamps and superior build quality, this is a product to both impress and be relied upon.

As with all Triple-R products, the Elite range has been designed and built in the UK, with an uncompromising commitment to maximising light output and reliability. Alongside a CAE optimised heatsink, an electronic thermal management system provides further confidence that the Triple-R’s light output is always maximised whatever the environmental and thermal conditions of the lamp. Anodised and powder coated, the lamp benefits from superior corrosion resistance, while a lifetime guarantee on the hard-coated polycarbonate lens, combined with a comprehensive 5-year warranty provide further reassurance for owners.

Poznámka: světlomet nemá homologaci pro silniční provoz!

Další informace

Technické údaje:rozsah napětí:
životnost diod:
Parametry dálkového světla:delková svítivost (dálkové):
počet diod (dálkové):
příkon (dálkové):
proud při 14.4 V (dálkové):
Certifikace:dálkové světlo:
Fotometrické údaje:úroveň 0.25 lx:
úroveň 0.5 lx:
úroveň 1 lx:
úroveň 3 lx:
Hmotnost 2460 g
Rozměry 765 × 103 × 73 mm
Triple-R 16 Elite 3 (staženo 7× )


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x1 Triple-R 16 Elite-3 LED Lamp
x2 Centre Mount (1114k)
x1 Side Bracket Kit (1118k)
x1 Single-Lamp Wiring Kit with Switch (8216-12V-SW)
x1 Wiring and Installation Instructions