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TRIPLE-R 1000 s denním svícením

13 144,00  včetně DPH

Integrated Position Lights for additional safety and styling benefits
One the most powerful road-legal driving lights available
Ultra long range optics
High output LED’s from world leader in LED technology
CAE optimised heatsink
Electronic thermal management system
‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens
Unique styling
IP67 Watertight
5 year warranty
Comes as standard with 70cm cable, including pre-wired male & female connectors.
Supplied mounts can also be placed above the unit for top mounting
Designed & manufactured in the UK

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See, and be seen, with the Triple-R 1000 Standard with integrated Position Lights. Recognised as being amongst the most powerful road legal driving lights available, the Triple-R 1000 has been given a safety and styling upgrade thanks to the addition of integrated Position Lights which activate with your vehicle’s standard side lights.

Fully road legal both as a Driving (E11 Ref 30) and Position Light, the Triple-R 1000 with Position Light adopts the same class leading LED and component technology, combined with innovative design features, that has established the Triple-R range of auxiliary lights as the must have vehicle accessory across the Commercial Vehicle, Road Tuning, Off-Road, and Motorsport sectors.

The combination of 8 high density 11W LEDs combined with ultra reflective, vacuum-metallised optics, deliver 1 lux to 515m, with a spread of light in the mid-long range which makes low-light and night-time driving a much safer more pleasurable experience. Additionally, the colour temperature of the LEDs at near 5000 kelvin has been carefully selected to maximise definition and reduce eye-strain.

Available in Black or Titanium colour variants, the exceptional design of the Triple-R range is complemented by a build quality which ensures the product looks and functions as well for years to come. A fully aluminium enclosure, advanced silicon Gore-Tex breather membrane, and polycarbonate lens (with lifetime guarantee), are just some features which ensure the lamp is best suited to even the toughest environments.

Další informace

BarvaBarva: Černá, Titan
Technické údaje:rozsah napětí:
životnost diod:
optická účinnost:
Parametry dálkového světla:delková svítivost (dálkové):
počet diod (dálkové):
příkon (dálkové):
proud při 14.4 V (dálkové):
Certifikace:dálkové světlo:
Fotometrické údaje:úroveň 0.25 lx:
úroveň 0.5 lx:
úroveň 1 lx:
úroveň 3 lx:
Hmotnost 1420 g
Rozměry 410 × 103 × 73 mm
Triple-R s denní svícením - produktový leták (staženo 0× )


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