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Land Rover Defender sada pro střešní uchycení

2 150,00  včetně DPH

Complete one-stop solution for roof-mounting on Land Rover Defender
Optimised for either Triple-R 28 or Linear-48 LED spotlights
Made from 3mm A2 stainless steel
UV-stable, satin black powder coat
Includes assortment of A2 stainless steel, anti-theft fixings with countersunk head
Carbon spacers facilitate positioning of different length LED light bars
M6 fasteners facilitate mounting brackets to underside of the roof rails
Manufactured in the UK

Katalogové číslo: 3001-DEF-67-K Kategorie: , ,


Specifically engineered for the Land Rover Defender, the Lazer Lamps Roof Mounting Kit, for pre-2019 vehicles, comprises stainless steel brackets that fix to the vehicle’s roof side gutter and are optimised for either our Linear-48 or Triple-R 28 off-road LED spotlights.

Manufactured from A2 stainless steel, and finished with a UV-stable, satin black powder coat, the brackets are fully corrosion resistant in line with automotive grade quality standards, as are the supplied countersunk anti-theft fasteners, which come in a variety of lengths from 20mm–80mm. To complete the mounting of different length light bars, cylindrical carbon spacers, of varying lengths, are provided to aid positioning.

The installation of the brackets to your vehicle is completed using M6 anti-theft fasteners fixed within the gutter location either side of the Defender’s roof. Cable grommets are supplied to ensure a tidy, and sealed cable entry point, while a supplied VHB cleaning pad is provided for preparation of areas where additional sealant might be applied. Electrical butt connectors are provided to help assure the integrity of the cable reattachment once thread through the roof.

2x Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket (LH/RH)
1x Anti-theft Fastener Set (various sizes)
1x Spacer Set (various sizes)
4x M6 Anti-Theft Fasteners
2x Cable Grommet
1x VHB Cleaning Sachet
2x Heat-shrink Butt Splice


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