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FORD TRANSIT COURIER (2014+) – Mřížka pro světlomety

1 500,00 18 150,00  včetně DPH

Bespoke vehicle integration kit for Lazer LED Spotlight installation
Custom fit for Ford Transit Courier (2014+)
Available with: Linear-18 (Standard or Elite) LED Spotlight
Kit also includes bespoke mounting brackets and wiring kit
Cutting guides included
Brackets made from high strength, UV -stable, ASA material
Fully ECE approved for on-road use
5-year warranty
Made in Britain

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For an OE quality, auxiliary spotlight installation, the Lazer Grille Integration Kits include bespoke mounting brackets which allow for quick and easy fitting of Lazer High Performance LED Spotlights within the front grille of the most popular road cars, pick-up trucks, and light commercial vehicles. Designed to blend seamlessly within the original styling of each vehicle, the resulting lighting setup remains fully robust and secure, with extra protection against theft.

The Ford Transit Courier kit includes a Linear-18 (Standard or Elite grade), High Performance LED driving light, plus wiring kit, alongside a pair of brackets precision-engineered to engage perfectly with the standard centre grille on the vehicle, with added strength and security provided by the supplied self-tapping (plastic) screws. Made from ASA material, known for its excellent strength and UV stability, the brackets are fully weather and chemical resistant to ensure your installation remains in great condition year after year.

Supplied alongside the mounting brackets are a set of cutting guides, designed to facilitate the installation and ensure a perfect fit every time, without removal of the vehicle’s grille or bumper parts.

Please note, the Ford Transit Courier Grille Integration Kit is carefully engineered and optimised for use with our Linear-18 High Performance LED Spotlight.

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životnost diod:
Parametry dálkového světla:delková svítivost (dálkové):
počet diod (dálkové):
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Příslušenství pro vůzFORD TRANSIT COURIER (2014+): Linear-18, Linear-18 Elite, pouze mřížka
Hmotnost 1090 g
Rozměry 532 × 62 × 40 mm
FORD TRANSIT COURIER (2014+) - návod k montáži (staženo 0× )


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x1 Linear-18 High Performance LED Spotlight (Standard or Elite)
x1 Mounting Kit (comprising 2x Brackets and fasteners)
x1 Cutting Guide (comprising 2x Brackets)
x1 One-Lamp Wiring Kit
x1 Installation instructions